COVID-19 Measures for Boston ASSP’s Upcoming Meetings and Events

Technical Meetings and in-Person Events Postponed Indefinitely

Effective immediately, Boston ASSP is postponing its technical meetings and in-person events.

The Executive Board met on March 19th to discuss our contingency plan and identify activities we can undertake to support our medical community, the public and our membership.  We will reschedule our events once the collective health of our community, nation and world is stabilized.  We are researching the hosting of web-based technical meetings and will publicize our offerings.

Our chapter will follow the federal, state and local guidance to minimize the effect of the pandemic.

Think ahead, plan for our collective future and volunteer to lead our fellow professionals.

Resources for chapter leaders and members

We will continue to communicate with all of our stakeholders as this situation unfolds.

Be safe, practice social distancing, tend for your neighbors and elders,

Boston ASSP Executive Board