ASSP Joint Meeting with the Granite State Chapter

Thanks to the Granite State Chapter for inviting the Greater Boston Chapter membership to a joint meeting at Monogram Gourmet Foods in Wilmington, MA on Feb. 25th.  The meeting’s speaker was Justin Deflumeri, Safety Manager of Monogram Gourmet Foods with his topic “Interactive and Outside the Box Approaches to Safety”.

Justin spoke about creative and engaging methods of presenting safety training,  He addressed program evaluation and how to connect employees to an ownership of safety through interactive and memorable activities.  Monogram uses Continuous Improvement in its Safety Program.  Using positive safety job hazard analysis this company has improved its safety program.  The workers think safety both on the job and at home. This site has over 500 employees working multiple shifts.

Following the presentation the group dressed appropriately and toured the food preparation areas on a site tour.

Thank you Justin, Monogram Foods and the Granite State for inviting the Boston members to attend.

ASSP members from Greater Boston Chapter & Granite State Chapter at entrance to Monogram Gourmet Food.